Biographical Resume

Wilson Hurley was a man of great depth, talent and humanity who deserves a full and fitting biography. That is one of the goals of offering these basic materials for public consumption.

Born April 11, 1924 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Christened Wilson Hurley, third child of Patrick J. and Ruth Wilson Hurley

Moved to Leesburg, Virginia in 1928.

Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in June, 1935. Attended Los Alamos Ranch School and graduated, June, l942.

Entered U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, in July 1942. Graduated June, 1945 with B.S. degree (Engineering) and pilot.

Served in U.S. Army Air Corps and United States Air Force in the United States and Southeast Asia, 1945-l949. Resigned regular commission in June, 1949.

Entered George Washington University Law School, June, 1949. Graduated September, 1951, J.D. degree.

Law clerk, U.S. District Judge David A. Pine, 1951. Admitted to Washington, D. C. Bar, 1951.

Admitted New Mexico Bar, August, 1952.

Associate: Simms, Modrall, Sperling, Roehl and Harris, 1954-1958. Albuquerque, NM.

Engineer, Sandia Corporation, Albuquerque, NM, 1958-60.

1961-65, organizer, director and attorney for Citizens Bank, Albuquerque.

1954-69 affiliated with 188th Tactical Fighter Squadron, New Mexico Air National Guard. Pilot.

1965-2008. Painter, with the exception of 1968-69, tour of active duty with USAF, serving as forward air controller (FAC) in Republic of Vietnam.

Further military information: Lt. Col. USAFR (ret), Command Pilot qualified in the following aircraft: PT-19, AT-6, B-25, B-24, P-61, OA-10A, B-17, L-5, C-46, F-80, T-33, F-100.

Married Rosalyn Roembke, 1969. Residence in Albuquerque.

Children from a previous marriage to Norma Frost: Patrick J II, Norman, Wilson, Mary, Robert.

Member of National Academy of Western Art, 1972 to 1992, when it was discontinued.

Gold medals, 1977, 1978, 1984; silver medals 1973, 1980; Prix de West, 1984.

Fellow, American Society of Aviation Artists

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