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Campbell, Virginia. “On a Large Scale: Wilson Hurley’s Landscapes Reflect a Monumental Vision.” Southwest Art 34.1 (2004): 96-101.

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Wilson Hurley – Envisioning the West Video

Wilson Hurley (1924-2008) was primarily a painter of western landscapes, but his portfolio also consisted of themes revolving around seascapes, aviation, and space. Furthermore, he was an author, a lecturer, an aviator, a banker, a lawyer, and a soldier. Everything he experienced added a new dimension to his painting and his life. He was distinguished as a Prix de West artist here at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, and his most notable works housed in the Museum are his five triptychs, Windows to the West, which include The New Mexico Suite (1992), The California Suite (1993), The Arizona Suite (1994), The Utah Suite (1995), and The Wyoming Suite (1996).

Oppenheim Lecture “Creativity and Chaos”Video

The J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Lectures ( have been given yearly since 1972 by distinguished speakers who, for the most part, have been leading scientists. These lectures honor the memory and contributions of Oppenheimer not only to the success in WWII but to the beginning of the nuclear age.

It is highly likely that Wilson Hurley was asked to give the lecture in 1990 “Creativity and Chaos” due to his varied background abilities and particular and creative world view.