Cat. no. 68-03

Meet Me over Cabezon

Date: 1968
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 24 X 36

Meet Me Over Cabezon. 24 x 36

About forty years ago much of the air space over New Mexico was
controlled, with only well-defined commercial flight ways connecting
us with other cities. It became common for pilots of the 188th
squadron to rendezvous over Cabezon, a volcanic plug about 50 miles
northwest of Albuquerque if they had a little fuel and time left over
after completing their scheduled mission. The agreements were
impromptu and the engagements were wild. Of course, every pilot lied
about his altitude in an attempt to take advantage of his opponent.
This is a painting looking down on an F-100 of the 188th squadron
loitering over Cabezon like some medieval knight at a bridge prepared
to take on all comers.

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