Cat. no. 75-51

Elves Chasm

Date: Nov-75
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 24 X 36
Agent / Institution: Baker

Elves' Chasm, Grand Canyon. 24 x 36.

Quote from Profiles film.
What intrigued me about Elves' Chasm when
we first saw it was that it was closed, so intimate, and so elegant.
It absolutely has the proper colors, shapes, substances, and lights in
it to make up for all the wide desolation of the Canyon. It's like a
secret jewel hidden in a bizarre environment. When I saw it, the
feeling of this being a perfect answer and justification for what
existed around it overwhelmed me. It was almost a religious
experience.Frankly, I look at it this way; if it doesn't come off
well, I'll go back. I'll be floating down that river on a raft this
summer just to look at that thing again, because I'm going to get it.
It's an intent of mine to paint that and paint it well. I hope it's
this time, but if it isn't—I'll get it.

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