Cat. no. 81-17

Columbia at 30 Seconds

Date: Oct-81
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 40 X 36
Agent / Institution: Altermann Gallery Dallas

Columbia at 30 Seconds (originally entitled T Plus 30). 40 x 36.

Letter to Keith Ferris: I use descriptive geometry frequently in
preparing landscapes. In drawing the launch pad of Columbia at 30
Seconds, I had a map of the pad, but I could not get Columbia to stand
up vertically regardless of where I put the vehicle. So geometrically
I constructed a sphere 24 feet in diameter and projected the launch
pad on its surface. This resulted in the perimeter roads being
slightly curved. I then put Columbia's vanishing point at the center
of that sphere and the vehicle stood at right angles to the surface.
Having done this work, I failed to continue the discipline as
meticulously with the vehicle itself but tended to draw it free-hand
from the model.

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