Cat. no. 85-22

Sunset in Silver and Gold

Date: Aug-85
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 36 X 84
Agent / Institution: Fenn Gallery Santa Fe

Sunset in Silver and Gold. 36 x 84.

Wilson responded to a letter from Sue and Jeff Benjamin, Oct. 12 1986.
What prompted the painting was an interesting phenomenon with light,
especially in the late afternoon while the sun is still up behind the
clouds and not on the horizon. Invariably that part of the sky on top
of the clouds lit by sunlight through the clear air is silvery, while
the light beneath the cloud is gold. Last summer we had a thunderstorm
in the Rio Grande valley that was a beautiful example of this.
Fortunately, I had just stretched a 3' x 7' canvas, and the next
morning I was able to start the painting and paint it from memory.

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