Cat. no. 85-34

Dawn on the Western Front

Date: Dec-85
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 40 X 30
Agent / Institution: Grapevine Gallery OKC

Dawn on the Western Front. 40 x 30.

The Bristol F-2 fighter was the most agile two-seater in the First
World War. This quality was not appreciated at first. Under
Leefe-Robinson, No. 48 Squadron RFC had had their patrol destroyed
when they encountered Albatross scouts of Jasta 11 under Richthofen.
Soon, however, Captain A.E. McKeever, a Canadian of No. 11 Squadron
(shown in the painting flying away from the viewer), found by
attacking the enemy with his forward gun he could do very well. He
survived the war with 30 victories. The view shows McKeever peeling
off after an Albatross D-3 of Jasta 11 while the remainder of his
patrol is beginning to go in trail from line abreast in a half loop.
The gunner in the foreground is searching for the "Hun in the sun."

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