Cat. no. 87-19

The Webb Ranch, Gray County, Texas

Date: Jul-87
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 60 X 60

The Webb Ranch, Gray County, Texas. 60 x 60.

In a letter to J.E. Thompson, Irene Webb's attorney:
painting depicts the open prairie with its wild flowers, which Irene
(Webb) drove through so zestfully and confidently. In the middle
distance stand the trees surrounding the headquarters ranch house. I
let the house itself be hidden by the trees because I could tell that
it hurt Mrs. Webb to see the old house fallen to ruin. This way she
can imagine it stands the way she remembers it.The backdrop, of
course, was the magnificent storm cloud that built up that afternoon
as we toured the ranch and she and Roz picked wild plums. I hope I
have come close to showing the beauty of that experience. I am still
touched by your cautious remark when we started that you weren't
"fancy people." When we went out and experienced the honest and open
beauty of Irene Webb, with her warmth and love, it became the
highlight of our summer.

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