Cat. no. 87-23

Numinous Nimbus

Date: 1-Oct
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 54 X 44
Agent / Institution: Altermann Morris Gallery Dallas

Numinous Nimbus. 54 x 44.

1. A numen, in the old days, was some sort of spirit that inhabited a
stone or place. Of course, no one saw it nor did it perform, so it
was impossible to prove its existence. Yet one felt it was there. If
you have ever contemplated a healthy, vigorous thunderstorm growing
and pushing up into the sky you have experienced some sort of
apprehension. It instills awe, or is it fear? Whatever it is, you
feel it in that storm.
2. Here is a healthy sun-driven thunderhead
in its early adulthood, just before the shroud at its top starts
spreading horizontally. To me, the word "numinous" means a presence or
feeling of dread in an object without any concrete or tangible part to
which to attribute the feeling. I have exactly that feeling when I
sense the vast brooding energy of such a display of clouds.

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