Cat. no. 88-49

Field Study: Bass Country, Chattahoochee

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Artist Board
Dimensions: 12 X 7
Agent / Institution: Altermann Morris Gallery Dallas

Field Study: Bass Country, 12 x 7

This was how Rood Creek looked in the morning, reflecting the blue of
the sky directly overhead. Running water is wrinkled on top and does
not mirror its banks when the eye grazes its surface. Rather, each
little turned-up wave catches the sky and the creek shows bright where
you expect a reflection. Looking down at the surface at a greater
angle, as one does in the foreground, gives the expected reflection.
You may wonder why I am constantly explaining these matters. I feel
that until I can understand them, I cannot paint them well and tend to
paint what I think ought to be there. 10-1985.

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