Cat. no. 88-56

Field Study: Manado Harbor, Sulawesi

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Paper
Dimensions: 8 X 12
Agent / Institution: Grapevine Gallery OKC

Field Study: Manado Harbor, Sulawesi, 8 x 12

No, I don't paint from airplanes! I see from them and then as in this
case, when I get on the ground I attempt to paint the scene quickly
while it is still fresh in my mind. Even a few days' delay will cause
the colors to be remembered and reproduced too vividly. Here a local
rain shower falls in the bay. The town nestles between two green
clad, volcanic shaped cones. The island of Sulawesi extends a great
arm to the northeast, and Manado is the largest town in this part of
Indonesia. 10-1976

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