Cat. no. 88-63

Morning Clouds

Date: Oct-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 48 X 46
Agent / Institution: Fenn Gallery Santa Fe

Morning Clouds 48 x 46

1. Near Labor Day after weeks of thundershowers our country turns a
lush green and the air is soft and moist. Then some mornings we have
the luxury of being awakened by thunder. As the sun rises we see
standing air mass cumulus clouds, quiet and without the wind and fury
of storms created by heat convection that we experience later in the
day. The world seems so close and benign that it is a joy just to look
at it.
2. Proper atmospheric conditions can produce cumulus clouds
without direct energy from the sun, and several days a year we get
thunder and showers before dawn even without a cold front to set them
off. However, these clouds do not have the energy to resist shearing
winds aloft and soon dissipate as the day warms up.

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