Cat. no. 96-04

Yellowstone Falls at Sunset

Date: Sep-96
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 18 X 42
Agent / Institution: Matteucci Gallery Santa Fe

Yellowstone Falls at Sunset, Triptych Study. 18 x 46.

The valley of the Yellowstone Canyon fills with the cold shadows of
evening lit only by the overhead sky, while the mid-summer sun lights
the back edges of the cliffs and the hills above the falls. Of all
the scenes in North America, I believe the view of the Lower Falls of
the Yellowstone from Artists' Point is the most striking. The
300-foot gushing waterfall behind the light-yellow wall of the nearby
canyon is unique. To conform to the geometry of the other triptychs
in this project, I lowered our point of view 300 feet so the falls
would look properly when viewed from the floor where the final murals
were installed.

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