Cat. no. 2001-05

Girl in a Red Jacket

Date: Jun-01
Item Type: Painting
Support: Honeycomb Fiberglass
Dimensions: 40 X 32

Girl in Red Jacket. 38 x 30.

A seventeen-year-old high school student came to my studio to
interview me for a class assignment. As she arranged her writing pad
and tape-recorder and, unconsciously, looked across the room as she
formed her questions, I was amazed at the strength and beauty of her
face. (It was a face I had last seen when she was seven.) I got her
to pose in a carved chair in a red Peruvian jacket my wife had. So
when you hear that the world is failing, that the modern generation
has not the character or quality of previous generations, just stop
and talk to them. Look at them. The majority of them are our peers,
or better.

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