Cat. no. 2002-09

First Visit, Mariner 4, Fly-by of Mars, July 1965

Date: Jul-02
Item Type: Painting
Support: Honeycomb Aluminum
Dimensions: 72 X 45
Agent / Institution: Matteucci

First Visit, Mariner 4 on its Fly-by of Mars, July 1965.

As you stand twelve feet from the front of this painting you see Mars
as it would appear were you 6,000 miles above it on its equator
looking back toward Earth. The sun is setting on the 3,000-mile- long
canyon named after the fragile Mariner 4, which is proceeding out of
radio contact with Earth as we watch it on its way to oblivion. The
images that Mariner sent back to Earth were the first detailed looks
at the many awesome features of our neighbor planet with three-mile
deep canyons and its fifteen-mile high mountains. There is a swirling
dust storm coming down from the north and ice is still visible toward
the South Pole. The surface appears desolate.

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