Cat. no. 2002-18

Storm at Santa Ana Pueblo

Date: Nov-02
Item Type: Painting
Support: Honeycomb Fiberglass
Dimensions: 24 X 48
Agent / Institution: Matteucci

The Storm at Santa Ana Pueblo. 24 x 48.

Last Spring we were heading west from the Sandias toward Albuquerque
when I saw a thunderstorm growing to the north of town. The way the
clouds were billowing it was apparent that there was plenty of
moisture and a violet storm was in progress. Shortly, a wall cloud
seemed to come down in a slow swirling motion kicking up dust as it
moved to the northeast. Except for the fact that the great tornadoes
out on the plains are vaster, the storm had every part that is
exhibited in Oklahoma or Kansas in the spring. Fortunately the more
violent winds missed the structures at Santa Ana.

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