Cat. no. 2005-03

April Snow at La Cueva

Date: Apr-05
Item Type: Painting
Support: Honeycomb Fiberglass
Dimensions: 60 X 96
Agent / Institution: Matteucci

April Snow at La Cueva. 60 x 96.

Except at sunrise and sunset, in clear weather the Sandia west face
appears to be a vast cliff of rugged granite capped by a stratified
array of Pennsylvanian sandstone. Yes, it is a mile high and
impressive, yet when it rains the whole face changes, showing deep
canyons instead of a wall. Even more, when there are light snows on
its face, the opaque veils reveal deep crevasses and sharp blades of
granite reaching up into the curtains of snow. The whole face becomes
limitless. It climbs to the sky and recedes into an endless mystery
where only a touch of sunlight on virgin snow reassures us of its

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