Cat. no. 77-04

Snow Squalls, Central Utah

Date: Jan-77
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 30 X 60
Agent / Institution: NCHF

Snow Squalls, Central Utah. 30 x 60.

1. Roz and I were out of Price headed toward Moab when I made the
sketch for this painting. I failed to determine our exact location,
but I think we were past Green River and had turned south. It was
sloppy driving and a dull day. The sky was black and stormy, lying
close to the ground and moving fast to the east. From time to time a
cell in the clouds would lay a swath of snow a mile or so wide across
the ground; elsewhere there was intermittent drizzle. All of a sudden
there was a rent in the clouds, and the clear winter sun hit a mesa
that had just been covered by snow. The flow of wet wind was causing
a small low-pressure ridge over the leading edge of the mesa where a
lenticular cloud formed in the moist air. Just as quickly it was
2. In 2008 Wilson answered an enquiry from Donna Poulton of
Salt Lake City:
Insofar as the transparency of "Snow Squalls,
Central Utah, [he painting] was done from memory when I saw that view
while driving and came home and painted it while it was still vivid in
my visual memory.

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