Cat. no. 77-07

Winter Sunset, de Chelly

Date: Feb-77
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 40 X 72
Agent / Institution: NAWA 1977

Winter Sunset, DeChelly. 40 x 72.

When you get out to a place like Canyon deChelly, and you put your
hand on that rock to feel the grain, to look at the texture, and see
the light play across it, as you start doing these things, all of a
sudden you get a better concept of shape, of volume, of the real world
as it is, and it gets your mind back on track. You start thinking in
volumes, in shapes, in real things with real dimensions to them and
get away from the illusory, compromise world that you get into when
you paint. If you stay in that illusory world too long and compromise
too far, somehow you go flat and vacuous. You lose the tremendous
richness of reality in the universe as we experience it and in the
things that really make life shining and exciting. (Profiles film)
1977 NAWA catalog blurb?

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