Cat. no. 77-10

Zoroaster Temple from Maricopa Point, Grand Canyon

Date: Apr-77
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 60 X 90
Agent / Institution: National Cowboy Hall Of Fame OKC

Zoroaster Temple from Maricopa Point, Grand Canyon. 60 x 90.

The Grand Canyon is big. It could be world famous just for its size.
Yet, in addition to its vastness, it has other spectacular properties:
each of its parts is graceful, its details elegantly fashioned, and
its colors bright, varied and in harmony. So it is not so much the
brute power, the awesome abyss, that evokes wonder and reverence, it
is the amazing, ever-changing beauty. Here I have selected a small
portion of the canyon as seen from the south rim near sunset. From
this point out to Zoroaster Temple it is six and a half miles, and it
is thirteen miles to the cliff behind and to the right. Vertically, I
have shown the strata to a depth of a little more than three thousand
feet. The canyon's most dominant characteristic is its uniform
stratification from one butte to the next, though they be miles apart.
It is this stratification that produces its interesting color scheme,
from the yellow Kaibab and Coconino sandstones down through the red
oxides of the Hermit shales and Supai, to the massive Red Wall
limestone and the Tonto Plateau. The perspective in the painting is
such that if you stand about thirty feet from it you will see how the
canyon can look in the soft even light.

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