Cat. no. 77-18

Powell Point, Grand Canyon

Date: Jun-77
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 24 X 40
Agent / Institution: NCHF

Powell Point, Grand Canyon. 24 x 40.

1. This is the view to the northwest from Maricopa Point on the south
rim. When the sun is still relatively high, the canyon and ledges are
very bright. The glare of the sun makes the air milky, and bright
colors seem washed out of the canyon, except for rocks in shadow where
their tints are reinforced by reflected light.

2. Quote from
the Profiles film: The first time I ever saw it, there was a big
thunderstorm in the canyon. I was eleven or twelve, went down on a
mule. I carried the lunches. I remember the mule behind me passed on
the inside and I thought I was going to go over. I was somewhat
frightened of it then. You went up to the South Rim and it looked
like the world just broke. It was awful. I've had people say you
have to put people on the near rim to give you scale. Well, you can't
get the scale. I could take the Queen Elizabeth and set it on end in
the bottom of the Canyon and you wouldn't see her. The only scale you
get is atmospheric.

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