Cat. no. 79-01

The East Wall of Zion

Date: Apr-80
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 48 X 82
Agent / Institution: Taggart Las Vegas

East Wall of Zion. 48 x 82.

The walls of Zion consist of red sandstone capped by an almost white
layer three thousand feet high. The floor of the canyon enjoys the
warm climate of the Sonora desert, so that even in the autumn when the
chamisa turns yellow, the trees retain their rich green. Another time
he wrote: The green leaves of the cottonwoods lasted late last year,
clear past the flowering chamisa so the bed of Zion was alight with
color and the brightly colored walls glistened under a clear sky. The
canyon is generally clothed in a field with dark shadows and lavender
light. I was moved to paint it in this more open, sunny and festive
mood last fall.

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