Cat. no. 88-17

Field Study: Breakers from off Shore

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Paper
Dimensions: 8 X 12
Agent / Institution: Grapevine Gallery OKC

Field Study: Breakers from off Shore, 8 x 12.

I asked a small boat captain at Monterey what he found beautiful, and
he said the surf as it appears from the sea. So out we went in a
50-foot boat. The swells were 16 to 18 feet high. He put his bow to
the swells and I set up in the stern. It was so rough I had to wedge
myself and hold both the easel and my brush just to be able to hit the
surface of the painting. Oh yes! Ye of heavy lunches, prepare to shed
them now! Well, not quite, but I had to take frequent breaks not to
be sick. As for the sea, the heavy combers swept the surface to a
glassy smoothness as they passed. Spray was thrown up in a gauzy
envelope above the cresting wave following the flow of air around its
landward rush. The back of the wave showed a green translucence with
numerous parallel stripes of foam down its back. (Study date

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