Cat. no. 88-32

Field Study: Zion

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Artist Board
Dimensions: 12 X 18
Agent / Institution: Altermann Morris Gallery Dallas

Field Study: Zion, 12 x 18

When you analyze the various great National Parks, you find each has
its unique signature. While Zion Canyon seems to display the same
series of rocks we see in De Chelly, Monument Valley and around Lake
Powell, the most spectacular stratum being the graceful Wingate
sandstone, it is topped with a creamy sandstone named "Carmel" from a
town in Utah. This rock, made from solidified sand dunes, forms many
unearthly shapes as it erodes. This frieze of free-form sculpted
rock gives beauty and personality to the strong, blackened, stark
faces of this spectacular canyon. 4-1986

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