Cat. no. 88-40

Field Study: Lake Casitas from Rancho mi Solar

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Artist Board
Dimensions: 12 X 16
Agent / Institution: Altermann Morris Dallas

Field Study: Lake Casitas from Rancho Mi Solar, 12 x 16

The landscape painters of California a generation ago became famous
for their "atmospherics." The reason is not smog from the cities, but
the Pacific air in the hot dry spells. It can carry enormous amounts
of water and dust along with natural contaminants from burning brush
and forests. Hills and mountains just a few miles away loom gigantic
in the dark mist, and there is a feeling that a thundershower is
imminent. Yet there are no clouds. Lake Casitas and Rancho Mi Solar
are inland from Ventura at the mouth of the Ojai. Los Padres forest
lies in the background. 3-1984

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