Cat. no. 88-51

Field Study: A Coconut Palm

Date: Jul-88
Item Type: Painting
Support: Paper
Dimensions: 8 X 5.75
Agent / Institution: Grapevine Gallery OKC

Field Study: A Coconut Palm, 8 x 5 3/4

One of the many pitfalls for painters who often paint imaginary scenes
representationally is painting clichés. It is easy to build an
adequate repertoire of rocks, trees or bushes to make one adequate
painting. But as paintings add up, the same, simplified trees keep
coming back. Soon you hear someone say, "Oh, that's old so and so!"
"How do you know?" "Well, that's his tree." A good way to break this
habit is to go out and add to your repertoire by looking at and
painting real live trees outdoors. This tree lives in Fiji. 10-1976

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