Cat. no. 2003-14

East Wind Breaking over the Sandias

Date: Aug-03
Item Type: Painting
Support: Honeycomb Fiberglass
Dimensions: 48 X 48
Agent / Institution: Matteucci

East Wind Breaking over the Sandias. 48 x 48.

The Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque have a steep, jagged western
face where the surface of the earth has broken upward. The east side
of the mountain is a long level slope where the land that has
fractured sinks back to the level of the surface. In stormy weather
the wind easily slides up the eastern slope of the mountain and breaks
as it tumbles down the western cliffs. At times it drags the clouds
with it resembling the breaking surf of ocean waves approaching the
shore. I find this event beautiful, but I am frequently disappointed
because very seldom does the rain travel west of the crest. As it is,
the western face of the mountain has the ecology of the Sonora desert,
while within 30 feet of the crest the eastern face has the ecology of
Hudson Bay.

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