Cat. no. 89-05

New Mexico Twilight

Date: Apr-89
Item Type: Painting
Support: Canvas (Cotton Or Linen)
Dimensions: 48 X 28
Agent / Institution: Fenn Gallery Santa Fe

New Mexico Twilight. 48 x 28.

1. Behind the firelit woman flows the Rio Grande under the peacock
blue sky of late twilight. Hers is the face of the Northern Rio Grande
Spanish, with dark brows and reddish-black straight hair. One sees the
facial bones of the Visigoth, covered with an innate almost
challenging expression of pride—a striking and unique combination.
With such beautiful faces all about us one wonders why they are so
seldom painted.
2. The northern New Mexico Spanish people antedate
the Pilgrims or the settlers at Jamestown. In our fascination with
our Indian culture, we often ignore this fact and the more important
fact for an artist, that they are exquisitely handsome.Here is a young
lady in the firelight with a peacock blue New Mexico twilight sky
behind her.

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